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The account of the film is fundamentally the voyage of Vikram (Naga Chaitanya) through three distinct phases of his life. He begins to look all starry eyed at three distinct young ladies Suma (Anupama Parameswaran) Sithara (Shruthi Hassan) and Sindhu (Madonna).

In any case, the wind is that he bombs each time he proposes to them. Rest of the story is concerning how Vikram at long last settles down and with whom.

Furthermore focuses:-

Premam totally has a place with Naga Chaitanya as he springs an immense amazement with his execution. You will see another refreshed adaptation of the youthful saint as the young and female fans will love him in his job. The manner in which he has exhibited varieties in his looks and execution is first class.

One of the greatest resources of the film is that the creators have not attempted to duplicate the film as it may be. They have changed the flavor a bit and portrayed the film with abundant amusement.

The film has great drama all through and craftsmen like Srinivas Reddy, Brahmaji, Praveen and others bring out some colossal giggles all through the film. The principal half is suggestive and has many engaging minutes.

Despite the fact that there will be a considerable measure of discussion about Shruthi Haasan’s job, she has completed a tolerable activity in the film. Both Anupama Parameswaran and Madonna Sabastian perform well in their jobs and make the throwing intriguing.

Short Points:-

Premam will draw colossal examinations from the first. Each one of the individuals who saw the first may discover numerous scenes and the throwing to be somewhat off track. The film has some moderate portrayal which may no well with some gathering of people.

Shruthi Haasan’s job is somewhat extraordinary as she could have been displayed betterly. The story is likewise unsurprising after a point as the film proceeds onward a solitary point motivation.

Specialized Aspects:-

Premam has heavenly creation esteems and cameraman Karthik completes a splendid activity in displaying the different time zones magnificently. Music is additionally a colossal resource as every one of the melodies sound well and have been shot adequately. The screenplay is able as the procedures have been exhibited in an extremely captivating way. Discoursed are very great as they mirror the mind-set of the youths well.

Going to the chief Chandoo Mondeti, he should be totally commended for the path he as made Premam. He had gigantic weight on him to effectively change the film and kid, he has completed a brilliant activity with the portrayal. The manner in which he has included great diversion and exhibits all the three stories crisply makes Premam very intriguing.


One the entire, Premam will without a doubt be the film that will take Naga Chaitanya to the following level as a star. He astounds you with his champion execution and is the sole motivation to watch Premam. Sentimental tunes, engaging portrayal and a vibe amicableness of the content will unquestionably be adored by the gathering of people for sure. On the off chance that you prevent drawing correlations from the first and run with a receptive outlook, Premam is one sentimental performer which will keep you snared all through and makes for a decent watch this celebration season.

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